Starting a list of relevant books...  I'm updating this from a big back log so the list is being added to in reverse order. Some are books I've found useful for work whether that is management or technical. Others are books we've used for our CS/SWE course.

Release It! - Nygard Very good book about

Java A Beginner's Guide 8th edition - Schildt. As usual, a great book from Schildt (I learned C and C++ from two of his books). Covers almost all of recent core Java. However, it doesn't cover Streams.

OpenStack In Action - Bumgardner. Used this in designing solutions for our OpenStack plans. Goes from DevStack to OpenStack working through Keystone (identity and the core DB), Glance (images), Nova (compute), Cinder and Ceph (block and block/file/object stores), and Neutron (networking). If only networking in OpenStack was as easy and reliable as the other components. Good book to get through the basics.

Soonish - Weinersmith More for a fun read, it's an interesting book about upcoming technologies - what they are, what they could do, how likely they are going to happen or make a change. Rockets, fusion, robots, medicine, augmented reality, etc - all interesting to think about.


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